Tools for business and your team

Features that help you network like a ninja.

Build and leverage your network

Network Ninjas is for entrepreneurs who want to seriously grow their business by leveraging their network. This powerful group of tools packaged into one software platform can easily help you take your team to the next level.

  • Merge your contacts into one master list.
  • Create targeted network outreach.
  • Advance your business with insights.

Merge Your Contact Lists

Pull all of your contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, and your phone all into one, easy to use address book.

Merge Your Contact Lists from Phone, Email, and Social Media
Weed Out Duplicate Contacts

Weeds Out Duplicates

You’ll most likely have duplicate contacts when our systems consolidates them. A lot of CRM-type systems still don’t address this problem! Go through an easy process to merge your contacts with The Network Ninjas.

Call, Text, and Email
from One Place

Rather than keeping track of conversations in text, email, facebook, AND LinkedIn, simplify your life by messaging from one app! See all of your communication with a prospect in one, simple thread.

Call, Text, and Email from 1 Platform
Setup a Business Project with a Goal

Set Goals, Manage Outreach with Projects

A project is a goal, a group of contacts, and a deadline. We'll notify you with people to contact every day, remind you to follow up, and guide you through a simple funnel system. Manage your prospects strategically as they join your business and help get you closer to your goal.

Text Blitzing with Groups and Tags

Setting up a text blitz allows you to message large groups quickly, from your desktop. When you create a group with a tag, you can quickly send messages to everyone with this tag, over and over again.

Text Blitzing
Follow Up with Prospects

Set Follow Ups and Reminders

Most Network Marketers don't follow up! As the greats say, “The fortune is in the follow up.” We'll remind you to follow up automatically based on the contacts in your project's funnel. The Network Ninjas syncs with your phone’s native calendar, iPhone or Android, to help follow ups and events become seamless in your daily habits.

Start Video Chats and Webinars

Integration with the powerful Zoom platform allows you to set up one to one meetings, or group meetings with your team. The top earners are growing their businesses in all states and countries with video webinars. It's time your start doing the same.

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Zoom Video Chat and Webinars
Hot List of Frequent Contacts

Know Who's Hot

Your Hot List will tell you which prospects and associates are most receptive to your message, all based on frequency of messaging and message length. Get insight into your prospecting!

Track Your Progress

Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly list growth as well as your consistency across time. Measuring key metrics makes managing them that much simpler.

Track Progress and Read the Reporting Insights
Network and Team Downline Insights

Gain Downline Insights

When you invite your downline to use Network Ninjas, you gain insights into their progress, projects, goals, and accomplishments. By getting an inside look into their projects, mentoring becomes simplified and tools of the trade can be shared.