The All-in-one Networking CRM Tool for your entire team

Your networking digital assistant. Coming Spring 2018.



Network Ninjas platform is a powerful suite of tools for the network marketer and solo-preneur. Acting as a digital assistant and coach, it will simplify your marketing outreach and prospecting, while teaching you successful habits like following up. With simple funnels and projects, eliminate the confusion that comes with communication across text, email, and social media.

Merge and Consolidate Your Contact Lists

Aggregate your contacts to one master list

Take contacts from your phone, email client, Facebook, and LinkedIn and merge them into one master list. Gone are the days of networking and managing outreach across multiple platforms. The Network Ninjas app even weeds out and combines duplicates.

Communicate and grow your team from anywhere

Access your master contact list and projects from any device and start growing your team globally with cutting edge tools.

Text Blitzing

By tagging your contacts with attributes, you can quickly send group texts and emails from your phone or laptop

Zoom Video Conferencing

Integrated video chat and webinars eliminate the need for travel, dissolving boundaries between your prospects and team.

Illuminate your business and your downline with insights

Integrated Reporting to Track Progress

Follow your list growth and networking output while glimpsing into your downline's progress in achieving their own goals. If you can measure it, you can manage it effectively.

Hot List of Frequent Contacts

Have you ever wondered who is most receptive to your messages and emails? The robust algorithm behind the Hot List can help you determine where to place your attention while prospecting.